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Expert Roof power washing in Selinsgrove PA by NextGen Power Wash LLC

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Renew Your Roof

NextGen Power Wash LLC is here to protect you and your roof thus allowing your roof to look its very best, breathe naturally to disperse attic heat buildup and most importantly prolong the life expectancy of your roof. Remember roof cleaning is a short-term commitment for a long-term change.

One Year Warranty
Treating roofs to remove bacteria properly is a process. Your roof will be treated professionally; with water, surfactant soaps and sodium hypochlorite, we want to prevent any regrowth. Therefore, NextGen Power Wash LLC will provide you with a one-year warranty.
30-45 Day Follow Up Visit
You will receive a follow up visit in 30 to 45 days for a recheck to make sure that the initial application was successful in killing the organic material feeding on your roof. If it is within limits at the time of the recheck nothing further is needed and we will continue to allow Mother Nature to do the heavy lifting and wash away the dead mildew stains, lichen, and moss and your 1-year warranty will begin.
After Treatment
After the roof cleaning treatment, you will notice some discoloration, this is normal. Let us ease your mind by describing the process. Our chemical, a fungicide, is applied to your roof and is NOT rinsed off. This is done so all the bacteria are eliminated so it will no longer feed off the limestone in your shingles. You may notice some light to dark brown streaks on your roof. This is normal when there is a heavy infestation of bacteria. It takes time for this to completely break down and disappear. These mildew streaks should completely disappear within 10 days.
Expert roof power washing service in Selinsgrove PA by NextGen Power Wash LLC

The Benfits of Professional Roof Cleaning

Experience transformative roof cleaning that doesn't just improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also reinforces its structural integrity. Our professional roof cleaning services efficiently remove harmful elements and preserve your roof, extending its lifespan and helping you save significantly on repair and replacement costs. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, trust that your roof's cleanliness and durability are in capable hands.

“Lou and his wife Tammy did an exceptional job washing our roof, siding, gutters, windows, deck and all hard scapes as well. They were easy to schedule with, watched the weather and rescheduled easily. The roof especially looks brand new.”

Expert Power Washing Service in Selinsgrove PA by NextGen Power Wash LLC

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